Hi! I'm an actor by day, an amateur chef/painter/and guitar picker by night, and a certified yogi on my lunch-break. All the while, writing stories and sending up peace prayers.  

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Brunette 

Eyes Color: Hazel

Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me


Proud Bird Productions | "Bonnie Y Bonnie" | 2018​

Lead Actress

Supporting Actress

The Malt Shop | "I Was A Teenage Wereskunk" | 2016

Supporting Actress 

"New Years Resolution" | 2014​

Special Skills

500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher


Basic Languages: French, Spanish, ASL

Dialects: British, Cockney, Southern, New York and Minnesota dontcha know! 

"Lyft" | 2013​

Lead Actress

From Our Perspective | "Altair" | 2012​

Lead Actress

"Paranormal Activist" | 2012​

Lead Actress 

Training & Workshops

BGB Studios | The Casting Room | Caroline Liem

The Second City | Graduate | Josh Funk

iO West | Graduate | Craig Cackowski





The Second City | "Armagayddon" | Musical​

Lead Actress

Lead Actress

The Second City | "Miley Montana" | Musical ​

Supporting Actress

The Second City | "Doc and Marty Meet the Monsters" | Musical​


Lead Actress

Snapping Alligator Productions | "3 Strikes" ​


Coors Light, Johnson &  Johnson, WWE

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